Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Bits & Sprinkles

  • Dad and I made too many jars of preserved pears last week and now they're taking up valuable space in my pantry.. What should I make with them?
  • I can’t stop making faces with the Snapchat lenses. It’s still just as funny as it was 6 months ago!
  • Beyonce sneakily released a music video over the weekend, and I can’t stop watching it, and wanting to go to Red Lobster.. (what is Red Lobster?)
  • It's Pancake Tuesday today, did you have pancakes for breakfast? Or perhaps make them for dinner?
  • I have just this minute (2pm) found out a friend is pregnant with baby number 2!
    I am beyond excited for them.
  • Today is day three of a 40+ degree heat wave, and I don't think I've stopped sweating since the weekend. It's like living on the sun.
  • We also don’t have air conditioning in the house and I wish my landlord would have one installed. I also wish he'd put in a swimming pool. (hint hint DAD if you’re reading this!)
  • I was back at a few markets this weekend. Which was fun!! We went to Streetside and Fairday.
  • What are you doing for Valentine's Day this weekend? Or Galentine's Day?
  • I’m making a list of places for Christmas Holidays with the family. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

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