Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Bits & Sprinkles

  • I've started "training" for the Step Up for MS. Which has involved too much stair running! I'll keep you updated! So far I'm up to 6 up and downs in a row, which is about 600 stairs. We need to work out way up to 1100 in one go, so we don't die on the day. 
  • We helped my brother Raph & Carlie move house over the weekend from a dodgy place in a dodgy neighbourhood, to a cute little unit, in a bit of a safer neighbourhood. Yay!
  • Did you watch the Logies on Sunday night? I loved what Georgia Love was wearing!
  • Speaking of the Bachelorette!! Did you read Sophie Monk is going to be the next one?
  • The amazing cakes from the Cake International! I'm in such awe of the amazingness that was created! My absolute fav was this DRESS - made of CAKE!!
  • It's ANZAC day today. What does ANZAC day mean to you? For me it's about the sacrifice that so many people made, and it's something that I think deserves respect.
  • I made these gluten free, dairy free ANZAC biscuits yesterday. They're made with quinoa flakes, gluten free flour and nuttlex spread. They need a little bit of tweaking, because Michael & I both think they're missing something. If you try the recipe, let me know.
  • We made this cute 90th birthday cake over the weekend as well. It has layers of purple white chocolate mud cake and lemon curd on the inside.
  • We also made some cute Avengers themed cookies for a 5th birthday on Saturday. Patrick was thrilled with them.
  • I finally got to try a S-Cone from Scone Crazy on the weekend. I've been drooling over all their instagram pics for months and months and months. 

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