Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Bits & Sprinkles

Tomorrow we say goodbye to my Nanna. I won't go into details, but she passed away last Tuesday and I wanted to share a few things about my Nan for this weeks Bits & Sprinkles.

I will miss her immensely. I do wish that I had taken more time out to go and see her, spend time with her and gain some more pearls of wisdom. Hindsight is always 20/20
  • Nanna was the first person who taught me how to knit and sew. I remember I would come to her house during the school holidays or on weekends and she would whip me up a new dress, or be crafting something amazing. 
  • Likewise, I think it's where I got my love of baking. Nanna made these buttery sugary biscuits, like no other. We would often bake things together when I stayed with her. Biscuits & Scones in particular. (I've spent the past week trying to replicate them - with no success!!) I have shared a recipe here though for some buttery, golden syrup biscuits I made while I was trying to perfect Nanna's.
  • Nanna loved doing crossword puzzles, watching game shows, playing the lotto. Really though.. who doesn't love a particularly tricky crossword or game of Wheel of Fortune or Burgo's Catch Phrase
  • Incredibly bad TV Shows and Soap Operas - Nanna loved them. Home and Away, Days of Our Lives, Bold & The Beautiful! 
  • Nanna collected things.. I wonder if that's where I got my slight hoarding tendencies from. Only just this year I threw out some things I found around the house that Nanna had 'collected' that had absolutely no value or relevance to anything. 
  • On that same note though, half the things she collected were things that she thought someone in the family would like. She was constantly thinking about everyone, even if we didn't take more time to go and see her or phone her!
  • Nanna always told it how it is. Whether you wanted to hear it or not sometimes.
  • She was an avid gardener. Not something that I have inherited, but defintiely something I can appreciate. Her rose bushes are still out the front going strong and looking beautiful.
  • She had a big heart and a selflessness which I found incredibly admirable. 

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