Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Bits & Sprinkles

  • It's my wonderful friend Veronica's birthday today! Happy Birthday Vee. Thank you for all of your sweet support, help at markets and events, being my chief flavour creator taster and an all round amazing friend.
  • I made a 50th wedding anniversary cake over the weekend. What an achievement to be married that long!
  • Sweetly Baked Perth was at Brunch on Roberts on Sunday morning, with this chocolate coffee cake.
  • I made a crepe cake over the weekend! So many layers and layers of crepes, stacked on top of each other, smothered in Nutella Ganache! 
  • I went to a Friends TV Show themed quiz night on Sunday night and it was such great fun!! I've seen every episode of Friends, multiple times, but when it came time to remembering certain bits of different episodes, my memory was blank! 
  • It was St Patrick's Day on Thursday, did you celebrate?
  • I started a Sweetly Baked Perth Easter Egg Hunt today! If you're in Perth follow us on Instagram for clues of where the prizes are hidden. 
  • Speaking of Instagram, we hit 1000 followers on Friday. That was pretty exciting!
  • Did you know March is Craft Month? I've been crafting lately and making all sorts of cake banners and toppers. It's fun to get the glue gun out and make things that aren't perishable!
  • What are you doing for Easter? Going away for the long weekend? Seeing family? Eating Chocolate? 

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