Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Bits & Sprinkles

  • This guy just loves the snow!!! So adorable.
  • Did you all have a lovely Easter? I loved having four days off to relax, visit family and catch up with friends.
  • Look at these cute peeking rabbit cookies I made.
  • We went out for a friend's birthday on Saturday night and drank one too many espresso martinis!
  • I had breakfast with my gal pals over the weekend and made these pikelets to take along! The recipe is here if you want to make some for yourself!
  • Did you see the Easter Egg Hunt we held on the SBP Instagram?
  • Speaking of Instagram.. all weekend everyone I followed were posting images of "turn on post notifications" etc etc. I couldn't think of anything worse then having a hundred notifications a day, buzzing and beeping on my phone. I don't think the new algorithm is going to be as horrible as everyone thinks.
  • My little brother (finally) moved out of mum's over the weekend. Into the cutest old, high ceiling, wooden floorboard house I've ever seen!
  • The long weekend let me catch up with all my favourite TV Shows. Do you watch How to Get Away With Murder?!! Who do you think shot Wes' Dad?!
  • Did you know Easter Monday is called Dyngus Day? I had no idea!

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