Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Bits & Sprinkles

  • My friend came over last night to make a cake for her mum's 60th. She's moving house and has packed up the entire kitchen already so borrowed mine. She iced it and decorated it all herself. So great!
  • I went to the Food Truck Rumble on Sunday, and then also stopped in at the Night Noodle Markets afterwards. So much food!
  • Cakes that are actually salad!!! So deceiving.
  • How hilarious do Michael & I look if we swap faces. Am I the 70's rocker, or the Amish man?
  • I'm still eating my Easter Chocolates... I'm pretty sure I say it every year, but I don't think I can eat another chocolate ever again!
  • These cute little Instagram cookies were made for a instameet during the week.
  • Then these flower cookies were ordered for a little girl who was holding a fundraiser at her school. Adorable.
  • AND I made this jungle cake over the weekend for a special little boy's first birthday. So much baking!! 
  • Did I tell you I got tickets to see Katherine Sabbath when she's in Perth in a few weeks? I CANNOT WAIT!
  • Did anyone trick you on April Fool's Day on Friday? OR did you trick someone? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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