Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Bits & Sprinkles

  • You guyyyyyyys. I finally went to Hummus Club and it was everything I dreamed of. Such creamy hummus, such flavourful food! I can't wait to go back and eat everything on the menu that I didn't get to try this time.
  • We spent Christmas Eve at my mum's house and I watched It's a Wonderful Life for the first time. Apparently it's Raph's favourite Christmas movie - he gives it a 9/10. What's your favourite Christmas movie?
  • My niece and I decorated this pavlova. I also made some profiteroles and a gingerbread and maple swiss roll! I'll put the recipes up soon, once I've practiced the swiss roll a few more times.
  • Yesterday I went down to Fremantle with my pals over from Melbourne and we had some drinks at Bather's Beach House. We wanted to go on the beach chairs, but the weather turned cloudy and cold.
  • Tonight is Gal-Pal Christmas dinner and secret santa. So exciteddd!!
  • How cute are these cookies used for table settings that I made. Such a cute idea.
  • I watched the third episode of the Gilmore Girls and I'm wondering why so much of it feels so irrelevant. I think I would have preferred if they were shorter episodes instead of 90 minutes! The scene with the Stars Hollow Musical/Play... why did it go for so long? Jess is still a babe though. Rory just needs to realise she loves him and everyone will be happy.
  • I think Missy hates living with us. She just spends all day staring at the next door neighbour's fence.
  • Another of my best friends got engaged this week. They were in New York, in front of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree, on Christmas Eve. So cute. So romantic. I can't wait until she's back to get the whole story and enjoy their excitement with them!
  • What are your plans for your summer break? 

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