Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Bits & Sprinkles

  • I helped Mum at her Quilting Club Christmas Party on Wednesday. I manned the photo booth! I'm probably not going to become a quilter any time soon, but it seemed like everyone was having an absolute ball. It was great to see so many different people of different age groups and quilting talents come together!
  • Two of my friends went to America this week. I'm insanely jealous of the white Christmas they're going to have.
  • I was at the Joondalup Twilight markets again this week. Second last market for the year!
  • On Saturday, Michael and I celebrated FIVE years. Time really does fly when you're having fun! 
  • We had breakfast at the new(ish) Isle of Voyage. I've been waiting and waiting for a chance to go since they opened in September. Plus their other cafe Voyage Kitchen in Sorrento is one of our favourite places, so of course this place would be just as amazing!
  • We also wandered around the Perth Makers Markets that were being held in Elizabeth Quay, and managed to get a lot of my Christmas shopping done, buying from small businesses! I got a print from Sponthanaeity for my step-dad Simon and found a garden frog  for Michael's dad from As You Wish Ceramics
  • I FINALLY got to start watching the new Gilmore Girls this weekend. I've only watched one episode so far.. I got a bit teary when they started talking about Richard and I'm confused as to how Rory can afford to jet-set around the world, from London to America, back to London, when she doesn't currently have a paying job!
  • So.. I also binge watched the entire first season of Teen Wolf. I don't even know if I liked it! But I do love a teen drama!! I'll just keep watching until I can't deal with it anymore.

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